The team at Supermarket Technical Services works tirelessly at design and implementation of the tools needed to guarantee your successful store expansion & renovation needs. We have built a reputation of solving problems of Store Managers, Owners & Investors. Looking ahead at alternative refrigeration technologies, lighting, food preservation and more...

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Advisory Board

Store Planning, Energy, Refrigeration

Pete joins our advisory board with over 34 years of professional experience and has been at the fore front of LED design and implementation.


Construction Management, IT, Operations

Jeff Oki is the rare professional who worked his entire career with one company. During his 47 years with Grocery Outlet Jeff held leadership positions in almost every functional area.

Sahim Zaid

PR, Website Development, Digital Marketing

Sahim has built a career of design, web developments and promoting the capabilities for local estate home contractors to the builders of Disney’s Epcot Center, Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios.

Our advisory board was founded by a group of senior level decision makers representing 50+ years combined experience within and around the real estate development industry.  From land acquisition to buildout and property sales, our team will help to place your business strategy on the right path to success.