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What’s in the future of grocery store shopping?

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What’s in the future of grocery store shopping?

If you watch closely, there appears to be a push towards vending machine type self service rolling out in a few supermarket chains. Correct me if I’m wrong but the cost of transportation, stock labor and other incidentals should be factored into the price of the products that you buy. Notice that the prices in these somewhat automated stores remain the same. Although most people have adapted to the shop from home dynamic, there is a portion of society that look forward to hand picking their produce, taking advantage of coupon savings, interacting with other shoppers and sampling new ingredients on display or presented by the clerks at the store.

There was a time when people looked forward to going to the local farmers market to place their order with the butcher, selecting from the fresh catch of the day, and mingle with other people from the community. As time passes, we’ve seen the influx of major corporations introducing the “Bigger is Better” business models, and now automation is making it hard for them to stay competitive.

At Supermarket Technical Services, our focus is to recommend and incorporate the fundamental ideas that help the smaller businesses grow and attract new, repeat customers. Shopping for yourself or the family should be a personable and engaging experience. Perhaps prepackaged dry goods set to auto online purchase & delivery will never go away, however, we see that even the major food store chains are moving away from the warehouse-bulk shopping to the smaller intimate boutique market design, similar to that of a 5-star restaurant.

Our design team will build in custom display departments and mini kitchen’s & cafés to allow sampling of wines and gourmet meals, thus encouraging customers to slow down and take a breather from their hectic day. In short, we’ll turn your supermarket into social event to generate repeat customers.


Mike Marotta, RDI

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