The team at Supermarket Technical Services works tirelessly at design and implementation of the tools needed to guarantee your successful store expansion & renovation needs. We have built a reputation of solving problems of Store Managers, Owners & Investors. Looking ahead at alternative refrigeration technologies, lighting, food preservation and more...

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Creative Elements

Technical Services

Custom in-house

Design Capabilities

The supermarket and specialty food store business entails high level of detail and experience that is essential to the success of a store of any size. STS as a partner is vital to a supermarket owner because STS can fit in to different aspects of the store design spectrum from full engagement in designing the space layout from inception; meeting management to understand the vision of the space; properly create plans and drawings to meet those requirements.

Store Planning &

Project Coordination

STS will work with you to review and verify that a potential new location is appropriate for your supermarket model. This service provides information to you and your team in making a proper decision regarding the new location.

  • Provide Tenant Requirement Letter
  • Review and comment on Landlord’s exhibit schedule
  • Prepare a Preliminary Fixture layout
  • Project Coordination

Store Fixture

Layout & Design

Precise locations of departments for “Shop-ability” comfort makes customers want to shop the entire store.

  • Field measure site (As Built)
  • Survey existing utility services
  • Supermarket Fixture layout design
  • Provide Fixture installation specification


Engineering & Design

Our signature approach to remote refrigeration design is a system that is energy efficient and simple to maintain.

  • Research Remote Refrigerated equipment loads
  • Refrigeration system design
  • Compile systems schedule with case electrical loads
  • Refrigeration compressor selection
  • Size and select roof condensers
  • Size & select evaporative coils for coolers & prep rooms
  • Prepare Refrigeration Piping Plan With System And Condenser Line Sizing.
  • Design Hot water reclaim system
  • Design Heat reclaim system
  • Provide Refrigeration Case Specifications
  • Provide Refrigeration Installation Specifications
  • Provide Refrigeration Equipment Specifications
  • Provide Refrigeration Controls Design / Energy Management System Plans & Specifications

Energy System

Management & Design

Energy Management System equals energy savings. The EMS is designed to control, monitor and actively control…

  • EMS Overview plan of all systems controls
  • EMS Refrigeration Controls plan
  • EMS Control Boards and Points plan
  • EMS H.V.A.C. Controls plan
  • EMS Lighting Controls plan
  • EMS Detail plan
  • Energy Management System plan

Plumbing System Design

In the supermarket business the plumbing system is crucial in operating a clean store.

  • Design indirect waste and sanitary waste systems
  • Plumbing layout with refrigerated case stub up locations
  • Plumbing riser diagrams
  • Plumbing equipment schedule
  • Plumbing installation specifications
  • Gas cooking, heating & processing equipment load studies
  • Gas load letter
  • Prepare gas piping plan with system line sizes
  • Gas riser diagram

Energy Conservation

Electrical Design

STS will prepare electrical power drawings based on the store fixture plan, equipment electrical requirements.

  • Electrical Power plan
  • Electrical panel schedules
  • Electrical one line diagram
  • Electrical Load Letter
  • Electrical Installation specifications
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Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Design

We understand that the longer a shopping customer stays in your store the more tendencies they have to buy more products. Designing a better controlled environment makes the shopping occasion comfortable & keeps operational cost down. With proper design of the supply air and return air distribution system (ductwork) every isle provides a welcome shopping experience. We design for a heat system, to provide free heat, produced by the refrigeration, to dehumidify the store for proper refrigerated case operation and energy savings.

  • HVAC design calculations
  • HVAC equipment sizing
  • HVAC equipment specifications
  • HVAC Distribution (Ductwork) system plan
  • HVAC Controls Design / Energy management System