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Murray’s Cheese Bar and Murray’s Cheese Shop

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Murray’s Cheese Bar and Murray’s Cheese Shop

The West Village-based Murray’s Cheese has had aging caves in Long Island City, Queens, since 2012. Now, not far from the caves, it has opened a satellite, a cheese shop and restaurant. At the moment, the restaurant has tables on the sidewalk, socially distanced, and there’s waiter service for sandwiches, including a grilled cheese, a cheese board assortment and salads. For dinner, there’s a half roast chicken with puttanesca sauce and cheesy polenta, and a risotto. The chef is Clare Malfitano. Next to the restaurant is the well-stocked cheese shop, where no more than three customers are permitted at a time. Both spaces were designed by David Rockwell. Murray’s has also made some changes in Manhattan, moving its Mac + Cheese from 250 Bleecker Street to 264 Bleecker Street (Leroy Street).

28-30 Jackson Avenue (Queens Boulevard), Long Island City, Queens, 347-990-2134 for the shop, 347-990-2130 for the restaurant,

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