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Morton Williams – Fresh Marketplace – 57th & 6 1/2 Ave, NYC

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Morton Williams (MW) Supermarkets take pride in being a neighborhood supermarket for over 65 yrs.  Each of their supermarkets are designed to reflect the needs of the individual neighborhood. They are well known and specialize in prepared food along with maintaining a supermarket that looks new every day.

STS has been privileged of having MW as a loyal customer for many years. Like many of their existing stores, MW brought us on board early during the search for a new site for the new store location. Our years of supermarket / mechanical designs experience are valuable for our clients to determine that a location has the means to sustain a supermarket.  During our several walk throughs of the 57th Street location we composed a survey with a list of item, questions and comments of requirements needed to operate a supermarket. We reviewed allowable amperage, refrigeration system location (Interior & roof condensers), MEPs…..etc.  MW used this survey to help them make the decision to take the space. They also used the survey to negotiate their lease.

MW gave STS the challenge to design their supermarket that would expand thru 3 floors. They wanted this location to cater to the midtown neighborhood by focusing on Prepare Foods, Hot & Cold Salad Bar, a unique Cold Beer department, and a specialize cheese showcase. As we started the design phase, we determined that the focal department will be located on the 1st floor with a full kitchen. The lower level will be used for all grocery items, storage, meat and dairy departments. The second floor will be used for public seating and restrooms. Knowing that every department is important we worked meticulously to make sure everyone gets maximum visual exposure. To take full advantage of the floor space STS designed certain department with custom refrigerated fixtures and mill work. The large quantities of custom refrigerated cases were supplied by Specialty Fabricators. STS worked closely with Specialty Fabricators to design the equipment for the best merchandise impact.

One of several changes in this location was designing the movement of people and merchandise between the floors. STS design a conveyor system from street level to lower level for delivery of grocery items and lower level departments merchandise. We added to the layout an escalator and a passenger elevator for customers to travel from 1st floor to the lower level. We designed a semi-glass elevator shaft with a semi-glass elevator to make the travel between floors a comfortable experience. Just passed the checkout we created an open stair case leading up to the second floor for customer seating.

STS designed the MEPs, HVAC, Lighting and Refrigeration system. STS designed the store to utilize 100% LED lighting from the area lighting to case & equipment lights. To achieve this we selected Solar Electric Way to supply all the LED futures & LED lamps. With limited roof space STS designed the refrigeration system using Hussmann’s Protoaire rack system. The Protoaire system contains the rack and compressors in the same foot print to help maximize roof area.

As project managers, STS were involved in preparing the Bid documents and managing all trades. MW selected Studio Blu Design to join the team and design the interior look and feel of the store. The idea was to make their location fit into the architecture of the neighborhood. STS worked alongside Studio Blu to captured this without taking anything away from the merchandise, the real show.

As construction coordinators & owners rep., STS was under a tight schedule to complete this project before the upcoming holidays.  STS created a rigorous four months 24/7 construction schedule coordinating equipment deliveries, mechanical trades and construction. STS was onsite days, nights and weekends handling any challenges that presented themselves to provide onsite solutions and keep the project on track.