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Gourmet Garage – SOHO, NYC

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Client: Gourmet Garage – SOHO, NYC
Date: January 22, 2014
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Gourmet Garage – SOHO, NYC

Gourmet Garage (GG) – SOHO, NYC is a unique posh boutique grocery store. Customers enjoy the experience of filling their market baskets with a varied selection of high-end dry and imported goods, top-quality private-label, and amazing prepared foods. GG stands by their motto “Shop like a Chef”.

The new SOHO location was replacing their original store just down the block that been a staple in the community. STS joined the team early to present a site survey of the new location and provide needed information of what will be required of the location and landlord to build the supermarket. The survey consisted of existing mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) review. Also included is review of roof or back of house court yard for location of refrigeration system equipment. The landlord upgraded the electrical service to the space as a result.

GG was already well known in the neighborhood for their prepare foods, sushi and hot soups. STS design had to make these departments more visible, assessable along with a great customer experience.  STS worked closely with GG to capture their vision and their success model.

One of the challenges was found in the lower lever due to the low ceiling clearances. STS placement of refrigerated cooler storage was meticulously selected to avoid existing building MEPs and maximize interior heights. When designing the lighting and refrigeration evaporator coils for the coolers STS select equipment with slimmer profiles. Placement was also chosen sensibly. A custom InviroPac refrigeration system from Hill Phoenix was selected because of the minimum clearances. For the refrigeration condensing unit STS selected a SPX Recold unit with a custom water plumb station to fit in the back of house yard between the buildings.  It took STS some complex coordination to place that unit behind the building.

As construction coordinators & owners rep., STS created a rigorous construction schedule. STS was on site 5 days a week coordinating equipment deliveries, mechanical trades and construction with general contractor. STS chaired the weekly meetings and handled any challenges that presented themselves onsite and provided a swift onsite solution to keep the project on track.