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Whole Foods Market: Third & 3rd — Brooklyn, NY

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Client: Whole Foods Market -3rd & 3rd
Date: January 23, 2014

Whole Foods supermarket (WFM) is a leader in retail sustainability and has established aggressive goals for green operations in every area of its business. WFM gave STS the task to design a HFC-Free Refrigeration System along with other green technologies, all aimed at increasing store’s energy efficiency and reducing its carbon footprint.

In designing the refrigeration system we chose to use a Transcritical CO2 booster system, The Advansor from Hill Phoenix, because its 100% HFC-free. This system uses only carbon dioxide, R744, for the primary refrigerant. CO2/R744 refrigerant has a Global Warming potential of “1”. This refrigeration system type was actually very popular in the 20 and 30s, before we started using synthetics refrigerants.

To maximize energy efficiency STS designed the Energy Management System to control and monitor the refrigeration, HVAC & lighting systems.  STS coordinated with the other MEP engineers and equipment manufactures to provide and locate the specific sensors needed per systems.

To comply with the NYC Fire Code Section F606 requirements, STS designed the Leak Detector and Alarm Monitoring System. With the use of Parasense leak detection combined with Danfoss controls and continuously monitored along with proper location of the sensors we were able to meet all the NYC building requirements.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) announced Whole Foods Market Third & 3rd in Brooklyn (214 3rd Street), which will employ 425, as a model of energy efficiency and commitment to protecting the environment.

STS worked with WFM to apply for a GreenChill Store Certification program. We believe the store will be awarded the highest honor certificate of Platinum. GreenChill’s Store Certification Program for Food Retailers recognizes individual stores for using environmentally friendlier commercial refrigeration systems.